Air quality measurements

The data shown below represent the measurements collected by the city's environmental sensors. It should be noted that the data collected are raw and unvalidated. In general, the data generated by the gas and particulate sensors must undergo a complex validation process by qualified technical personnel. This process consists of a review of each and every one of the parameter values received, in order to verify whether the data are correct and correspond to the actual state of air quality in the place where the measuring station is located, and at each measurement time.

On the other hand, the manufacturers of environmental sensors themselves indicate that it must be taken into account that erroneous peaks can be observed in the data and must be filtered out. Some of these peaks may be caused by phenomena close to the sensors, such as fires, work that generates gases, etc. If anomalies have been detected, they will be specified in the description of the file belonging to the corresponding time period.

Regarding the gas sensors, they provide measurements of NO2, O3, SO2, CO2, being null the rest of the values. On the other hand, particle sensors provide information related to PM10, PM25, PM1. Similarly, CO2 probes contain only CO2 values. If the device is under maintenance, the values mentioned above will be 0.

Finally, the names of the entities consist of a first part where the type of sensor is identified and a second part separated by a hyphen, which determines its location.

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